Beatsta: About Us

The music industry today is more competitive than ever before, with individual artists, groups, and even music companies all trying to pay their own path to success while up against some pretty stiff competition.

That’s where Beatsta the social music platform comes into play.

Officially launched in 2019 by a group of music industry insiders with more than a decade in the business, Beatsta has been established as a social platform that gives individual artists, groups, and music companies an opportunity to stay better connected to their fans and their followers as well as those in the industry today.

Giving account holders the tools and technology they need to share their art and their music with the world, but also giving everyone an opportunity to network and build up real relationships on this platform, this platform seeks to level the playing field and break down the old barriers of entry to success in the music industry completely.

Not only are artists going to be able to feature their music prominently on the platform but they are going to be able to tag and involve everyone else in on the project with them. Digital artists and designers responsible for album cover art, video production experts that helped put together the videos for the songs, producers and songwriters that helped make all of this possible – even models involved in videos and promotional pieces – are all going to get an opportunity to shine here.

On top of all the promotional benefits that this platform makes possible the networking opportunities and the collaboration opportunities here are through the roof, too.

Newbies to the world of music are going to be able to connect with more established artists, veteran producers, and music industry executives and insiders that can all work together to skyrocket the careers of individuals in the entertainment business that might not have had an opportunity to take off otherwise.

There’s never been anything quite like this before.

Best of all, you can get started on this platform 100% free of charge and start using all the tools and technology available straightaway. The site is up and running right now with new members joining at a breakneck pace, giving you a chance to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing in the world of music and establish yourself – and your career – with the help of everything that Beatsta has to offer.

To learn more or create your account check out today.